Introduction to Batteries

Introduction to Batteries

The threat of global warming and climate change calls for accelerated efforts to decarbonise our systems. In energy, battery is at the forefront of this charge. Simply put, battery technology will be part of the future. 

We see a boom in battery production in Europe, and within EU it is estimated that around 800 000 persons need to be upskilled or reskilled within the battery area – from raw materials, battery packs, applications and integration to recycling and the 2nd life of batteries. 

EIT InnoEnergy has been trusted by the European Commission to develop, drive and promote the European Battery Value Chain through EBA250, and the content of the course is provided by InnoEnergy and performed by Göteborgs Tekniska College AB.  

In the Gothenburg region, the need of battery knowledge is already large and will grow even more in the future. Within Kompetensnavet we offer a first step of training in this area.  

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